reOS is not your average rental management tool

PlayreOS Rental Management Tool
Traditional systems

No direct integration with banks and municipalities

Paper-based and reliant on Excel and office-based working

Manual invoicing and recon

Non-secure processes and data storage vulnerable to human error and attacks

Preferred out of habit but not future-proof



reOS Rental Management Tool

2-way integrations with all major banks

100% cloud-based

Automagic invoices

Highest security and audit trail via blockchain technology and encryption

Built by a team with extensive collective experience in proptech; backed by global investors

Cutting-edge tech to future proof your business

Transparent pricing and you only pay, when you get paid.

Other ‘automated’ solutions

No direct integration with banks and municipalities

Mixture of cloud and desktop software; not always optimised for mobile

Partially automated invoicing

Unlikely to be leveraging blockchain technology

Often built by entrepreneurs outside of the proptech space

Current tech, which is likely to be dated in the not too distant future

Convoluted pricing, with hidden costs lurking in the fine print.

If you're still using a traditional rental management platform, you’re likely to be losing thousands of Rands every year.

Most new customers are seamlessly up and running within a couple of weeks. However we understand that everyone has their own unique realities and we will provide personalised support for as long as you need it, whenever you require it.
Sign terms & complete FICA
Create an import file
Set up your payment rules

Complete an import file and import your current book’s data to reOS.


Agree to the commercial terms and complete your FICA so that we activate your account.


We will assist you with setting up your payment rules.


Our friendly customer success team will be with you every step of the way, to ensure you are comfortable using the system, that your book is set up correctly and running smoothly.


No set-up or training costs.

Switching to reOS might be the best decision you make for your rental business this year.


Professional offering
for individual rental agencies


Customised offering for national and regional Franchises and Groups


Bespoke offering for large Property Managers, Trusts & Funds managing over 500 properties