What are the key questions to ask when choosing a rental management platform? Here’s what we’ve learnt.

Does it leverage the latest technology?
Remember, the technology you invest in today needs to future-proof your business for the next 10+ years. So best not settle for dated tech that is unable to support your future needs, and make sure you invest in cutting edge technology - like blockchain.
Is it incredibly easy to use, with minimal training needed?
You shouldn't need to be a finance or accounting graduate to operate your rental management software. Nor do you want to have to invest in hours of complicated technical training and IP sharing every time a member of your team goes on leave or is replaced. With reOS everything is quick, easy, intuitive and you will get notified if there is anything that requires your attention.
Do you need to do any manual or systems assisted reconciliations?
Recons are notoriously tedious, time consuming and susceptible to errors. But not anymore! reOS is the only system where 100% of all your incoming funds are systematically allocated to the correct lease for you.
Are the trust accounts reconciled to the cent, every second of every day, with no exceptions?
Are you sick and tired of trying to figure out which deposit belongs to who and how much interest it has accrued? Not with reOS. Each tenant deposit is safely locked away in its own wallet, where it is reconciled to the cent, so that you and your customers can enjoy full transparency and peace of mind, 24-seven.
Does the platform provider add a mark-up on bank charges?
It is important to know the full cost implications of the platform you are signing up with and often there are hidden costs in line items like bank charges. So best check there aren’t any hidden costs lurking in the fine print.
Will you only pay bank fees for outgoing payments or must you also pay to receive funds?
The bank only charges reOS for processing outgoing payments, so that is all we recover from you. However, this isn’t universally true for all systems and it is your responsibility to make sure you are aware of the full cost implications of the platform you are signing up with.
Are there any penalty fees when withdrawing or moving damage deposits?
It is always wise to understand if you will be in for any penalties or extra costs should you decide to switch providers in the future. If for some unfortunate reason you choose to move away from reOS, you won’t be asked to pay any penalties. PS: if costs like these are making you hesitate on your decision to move to reOS, let us know and we will see how we can help you out.
Is your data appropriately backed-up and stored securely?
When trusting a service provider with your customers’ data, it is essential that your data is appropriately backed-up and can be restored timeously in the event of an outage. Pro tip: always ask to see your service providers SLA’s.
Are there audit trails and is it possible for them to be tampered with - remember, your biggest risk is internal?
Traditional databases can get corrupted, be deleted and be tampered with. But not with reOS - once a transaction is submitted to our private blockchain it is there forever and cannot be modified.
Will your data be safe? Nothing less than bank-grade encryption and security will suffice.
Blockchain + 256-bit encryption = safe as houses.
Will your customer data be POPIA compliant?
Well it had better be! reOS was POPIA complaint before we even needed to be because we believe data security and privacy is a right, and not just a regulatory box we need to tick.
Will you need to pay for training or ongoing support?
Pay to be trained to use a paid-service? No, we don't really get the logic either. So it's entirely free with reOS.
How does your platform provider assist with your audit and is it free of charge?
At reOS, your rental and deposit account will be audited free of charge, and you will be presented with a report of the factual findings each year. Yes - this is exactly what you include as part of your PPRA submission. You will still need to do your own business audit, of course.
Is the system bank integrated?
It’s 2024 - you should be using a platform that is integrated with all major banks and municipalities. reOS allows you to make bulk payments with a single click of a button, without any csv imports or ever needing to open your online banking.
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