Rental management features to smile about.

Lease & Portfolio Management.

Automated invoicing, set-and-forget payment rules, communications, alerts & everything in between. Set up a lease once and reOS remembers everything.

Customer Communications & Reports.

Fully branded communications, reminders, statements, reports and more. Our nifty 'nudge' button allows you to follow up late rental payments professionally, with just one click. Turn every invoice, statement, and piece of customer communication into a memorable brand moment. It’s the little things that make for loyal customers.

Money Management.

100% bank integrated, real-time view of funds, 'zero recon', one-click payments, one-click municipal payments, ability to reverse erroneous payments, blockchain security. You'll never need to do recon again!  And did we mention that you'll save thousands in bank fees :)

End-To-End Features & Integrations.

Tenant vetting via TPN and Ekaya VIP, maintenance and inspections management with PropertyInspect and more. Our financial services products (like 'Deposit Drop' for tenants and Rental Guarantee for property owners) are available to reOS customers and will help you win more business and generate additional income!

Deposits & Compliance.

Fully integrated deposit management, in-built compliance (KYC, FICA), annual audit certificates included (at no extra cost). Each year we'll produce a professional, external audit report for you (at our cost), so that you can tick all the boxes and sleep easy at night.

Reports & Business Intelligence.

Generate financial reporting, unlock business insights, and impress landlords and stakeholders with accurate and easy-to-share performance reporting.

256-bit Encryption.

Encrypted audit trail and third party integrations protected by blockchain technology.

100% Remote Access & Cloud Storage.

You can access reOS securely on desktop or mobile, 24/7 and wherever you are. It’s designed to be paperless so you and your team can work remotely and not be office-bound.

Integrated money management
Integrated money management

reOS works with all the major banks & is accessible on all devices. Without logging into a bank account, save time with one-touch payments and the ability to reverse incorrect payments.


An audit trail that is impossible to delete or modify protects against internal risks, while 256-bit encryption blocks external threats.


Run your business securely anywhere - and on any device - right from your email inbox. Say goodbye to paper trails, filing cabinets, and late nights at the office.

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