1. Enter your username and password on www.fnb.co.za and login to your Online Banking profile.
  2. Select Pay.
  3. Select Add.
  4. Under 'Recipient details', select A Public Recipient.
  5. Enter the recipient name of “reOS” and select Search.
  6. Confirm that you have selected “reOS”, or search again.
  7. Complete the payment references and proof of payment details and select Add Recipient.
  8. Enter your unique reOS reference number from your lease activation email or rental invoice. If you pay without the correct reference your payment might not reflect in time and could land you in trouble with your rental agreement.
  9. Check the details of the public recipient and select Confirm.
  10. Enter your OTP or confirm via the FNB mobile app
  11. Once the public recipient has been added, you can return to the payments page by selecting Finish or choose to pay them by selecting Pay Recipient Now.