Why Choose reOS?

reOS Rental Management

reOS is a property technology company powering rental collection and transaction management for residential properties. The company provides SaaS to managing agents, enterprise portfolios and independent property managers. reOS grew out of Rental Connect, a digital payments company that was acquired alongside Ekaya by Castle One. The company has grown tremendously since then and now with a team of 18 based in Cape Town is expanding its services nationally.

The Rise of Rentals

The South African market of 3 million rental units are served privately or through agencies that rely on increasingly archaic tools. reOS is built on hyperledger technology providing next-gen security and better scalability for all. Customer growth has averaged 20% / month since launch, and clients using reOS boast lease book performance improvements of 6% per month, on average. Some high-profile clients include Rawson Property Group, Dormehl Phalane and Huizemark South Africa.

Customer challenges

Our processes work well, but I am dependent on my administrator,” and “I struggle to gather and report on royalties, but don’t have the time to switch systems,” are two of the pain-points that repeatedly surface when discussing rental management with agencies in South Africa.

Most excellent rental agencies have brilliant people, processes and workarounds that they’ve depended on for years. However, systems reliant on multiple open tabs, numerous spreadsheets or physical printouts for an experienced administrator to navigate — often via processes known only to her — yields business continuity risk. Processes like these risk customers’ data integrity, fall foul of POPI best practice, lead to inaccuracies — and lost business — and result in stunted growth in the medium-term.

Working to identify core needs

Our expert team discusses the core business objectives with our customers and determines which challenges matter most, and how reOS will partner with them to solve them.

Justine* had a rental book of more than 350 properties under management, and confided in us that her core concern was the need for a speedy change, as she did not wish for her staff to be spread across their current (old) and reOS (new) systems over month-end. reOS onboarded and migrated the entirety of her team’s leases within two weeks, establishing new processes and training the team in parallel.

Robert* was a key decision maker within the head-office of a large property group, which sought better visibility of its various branches’ performance. This was especially important to him for royalty collections and fee reconciliation. Within a month of transitioning into the system, concatenated reports were available at a customisable level for each of its branches, regions and agents. Not only was visibility improved throughout the group, but trends and insights were easily shareable and resulted in group performance uplift within two quarters. Robert has since made additional reporting requests of the reOS development team and has access to bespoke analysis on a monthly basis.

Results that delight

Clients love that their problems are solved. Get in touch with us to see if we can help solve yours.

“reOS makes monthly rental management quick and easy … very user-friendly and has made invoicing and recons a breeze.”

“reOS has assisted us … all invoices are linked … therefore no errors!”

“… throughout loading [the] rental book it became very user friendly and easy to reconcile … we can focus more … on other important issues which we didn’t previously have time for.”

“reOS provides ease of use and security in managing my business effectively and without hassle”

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Differentiated solutions

reOS creates time — helping large agencies to scale their operations without the associated human resourcing costs of payroll, training, hardware and set-up. Payments are scheduled, sent, collected and reconciled automatically and from the cloud which reduces repetitive tasks and solves for audit, compliance and accounting needs from the start.

reOS increases control and security — access via a single, clean dashboard means fewer mistakes and better control over the changes in your rental book. Blockchain records provide always-accurate transactional and reporting information securely encrypted and meeting all compliance standards to futureproof your office, today.

reOS guarantees landlord returns — financial services de-risk leases for tenants and landlords alike; and reOS brings the best of all worlds together in providing access to these products and services directly through the platform. Reduce the deposit requirement, cover yourself against the cost of eviction and guarantee a fixed time and amount that your rental flows each month.

reOS creates better rental experiences — specifically for administrators and rental agents. There are zero monthly reconciliations to run. And no mismatched payments to chase. There are bulk send, import, payout and fund allocation actions to make use of. And the power of segmentation for reporting and access makes it easy to deliver to customers consistently, and beautifully, each month.

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*Changed for privacy